Warranty Policy ( Only applicable in the United States )

Try PAWBBY in-home for 60 days

You have 60 days to try PAWBBY in your home. If you or your cats aren’t satisfied, return within 60 days to get a full refund—just pay return shipping! (Returned units must be clean; a cleaning fee will be applied if returned with litter or waste.)

If you return the product after opening and adding cat litter, a cleaning fee of 75 dollars may be deducted from the refund.

If the packaging is damaged or lost, you may be required to pay a packaging fee of 60 dollars.

If the returned machine is damaged due to improper use, we may provide a quote for the required parts and labor costs for repairs, which will be deducted from the product payment after confirmation. No fees will be charged for damages caused by product malfunctions.


Warranty Policy

Pawbby litter box provides a one-year warranty service.

During the warranty period, we will resolve all product functionality and quality issues, excluding damages caused by human factors, free of charge. All the delivery cost will be charged by users.

Consumable items and fragile parts are not covered by the warranty. We offer them for separate purchase, including the three-proof (waterproof, Scratch-resistant, Anti-slip bottom) mat, deodorizing box, and waste collection bags.

You can visit our official website to access technical support, and you can also contact us via email: support@pawbby.com. We will promptly assist you with your service needs.


The following situations may affect your warranty rights:

  1. Exceeding the valid warranty period.
  2. Lack of a valid purchase receipt, purchase receipt not matching the product, or intentional damage to the product serial number, including but not limited to blur, tearing, tampering, etc.
  3. Malfunctions or damages caused by not following the instructions, maintenance, and adjustments stated in the product manual.
  4. Unauthorized personnel tampering with or repairing the product without Pawbby's authorization.
  5. Damages caused by using non-original accessories or consumables.
  6. Damages caused by force majeure events such as earthquakes, typhoons, fires, floods, hail, etc.
  7. Damages caused by exposure to sunlight, water submersion, soaking, smoke exposure, corrosion from chemical substances, etc.
  8. Other malfunctions and damages not related to the design, manufacturing, or quality of the product.
  9. Damages to consumables that are not covered by the warranty.
  10. Commercial use of the product.