Origin and Founder's Story

"PAWBBY" originated from the founder Allen's adoption of a stray cat named "Small Paw." The name combines "PAW" and "BABY." After graduating, Allen worked in a small town in the south, where he found solace in the company of stray cats and dogs. Over the years, Allen has fed nearly a hundred stray cats, and among them, he adopted three: Small Paw, Luna, and Momo. They became his fur babies, inspiring Allen to think about whether electronic smart products could also serve adorable pets.


Establishment and Product Development

In 2018, PAWBBY was founded to develop pet products equipped with intelligent hardware, including smart feeders, water dispensers, and litter boxes. Stray cats like Small Paw, Luna, and Momo became special employees, rigorously testing the products. Employees work alongside pets, integrating their daily pet-raising experience and prioritizing product safety and pet health.


Focus and Values

PAWBBY focuses on pet health and well-being. Most products are connected to a pet health management system, making it convenient for pet owners to understand their pets' conditions and providing health data to veterinarians. Pets come first, and the goal is to use smart hardware to create well-being for more lives, benefiting animal families.


Vision and Mission

PAWBBY applies smart technology to the pet industry to enhance the welfare of animal households. Their vision is to utilize intelligent hardware to benefit more lives and provide suitable smart products for humans and their animal families. They uphold their values by prioritizing pets, emphasizing product safety, and pet health. Through collaboration with animal rescue experiences and the pets of their employees, PAWBBY is dedicated to providing the best care and service for pets.