Why has PAWBBY been a Game-changer in My Life?

Why has PAWBBY been a Game-changer in My Life?

Updated: November 16, 2023

We all have unique perspectives on what can truly transform our lives. For many cat owners, the PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box is a game-changer in daily routines. After all, who enjoys the task of scooping cat litter? Most people would love to avoid it—and with PAWBBY, that's entirely possible. 
The PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box is more than just an automatic litter box—it can dramatically improve your life in several ways.

Is an automatic litter box truly worthwhile?

Owning a cat is a delightful experience, despite the challenges like dealing with hairballs and litter boxes. But if you could eliminate one of these nuisances, wouldn't you? An automatic litter box means no more scooping cat waste, no more being up close and personal with unpleasant odors. Many cat owners find this benefit alone worth the cost. Plus, you'll no longer need to frequently replace traditional plastic litter boxes that retain odors.

In short, an automatic litter box is a worthy investment for both your sanity and your budget. Still not convinced? Continue reading to discover the top reasons why you need a PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box—the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box.


13 reasons to get a PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box

Orange cat lying in front of Starry Blue PAWBBY smart cat litter box.Cats require a clean litter box consistently and life doesn't always cooperate with that. With PAWBBY, all the hard work is handled for you. This automatic litter box offers the following features:

No More Scooping Litter

Cats prefer cleanliness, including their litter box. Daily scooping, however, can be a smelly inconvenience. PAWBBY automates this task! After your cat exits, it separates clean litter from the soiled litter, depositing clumps into a waste drawer—leaving no mess for you. Say goodbye to scooping!

TUV Rheinland Pet-Safe Certification

With TUV Rheinland Ten-layered Safety Protection, infrared sensors, weight sensors, remote alarms, overload protection, and 9 start-up self-checks etc., PAWBBY ensures a safe and comfortable bathroom experience for your cat. It automatically pauses when your cat approaches or detects a weight change.

Natural Odor-Eliminating Technology

Poop stinks, and cat poop is no exception. Luckily, the Litter-Robot quickly goes to work removing your cat's waste and placing it in a carbon-filtered waste drawer. The odors will be significantly reduced, so your home will remain fresh and free from pungent smells.

Stylish Home Decor

The blend of deep blue and wood grain design ensures our litter box complements any home decor, combining aesthetics with functionality.

OLED Display Screen

The litter box features an OLED screen for clear feedback and easy navigation. Touch controls provide easy access to settings such as "Today's Toilet Visits," "Cleaning," "Flattening Cat Litter," "Empty Cat Litter," "Connect Wi-Fi," "Reset," "Cat Weight," etc., ensuring a hassle-free experience for your cat. 

Suitable for Multiple Cats

PAWBBY is a great solution for multi-cat households, especially when cats are territorial about their litter boxes. Since it's always clean, territorial conflicts are resolved!

Fewer Accidents Outside the Box

When cats have a clean litter box, they are more apt to utilize it—and not the rest of your house. An automatic litter box helps reduce incidents of cats eliminating outside the box by keeping it tidy for every use.

Stress-Free Getaways

No more worrying about who will clean your cat’s litter box while you're away. An automatic litter box keeps the box clean, and your friends and family will appreciate not having to scoop poop! Pair it with a Feeder-Robot to automate feeding schedules while you're away.

No More Litter Box Access for Dogs

If your dog considers the litter box a snack bar, PAWBBY is the perfect solution. The self-cleaning feature swiftly secures cat waste in a drawer, denying dogs access to this unsavory treat.

Cat Litter Savings

With the PAWBBY self cleaning cat litter box, only the clumps are removed.Suitable for 99% clumping cat litter, plant cat litter is recommended.This ensures that your litter box is clean, but it also saves money on cat litter. You aren’t throwing away mounds of clean litter. Instead, pet parents have reported savings of up to 50% on their litter consumption annually. 

Easy to Clean

PAWBBY self cleaning cat litter box is user-friendly and easy to clean. Dismantling the litter compartment is a simple and convenient task, freeing you from any concerns about cleaning. Keeping it clean is effortless, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Three Practical Modes

Auto Clean Mode, Soft Clumps Mode, and Sleep Mode are available, all conveniently controlled through the PAWBBY app or the litter box panel. Notably, Sleep Mode ensures uninterrupted rest for you and your pet when activated. Enjoy a peaceful sleeping environment with PAWBBY.

App Monitoring and Control

With our user-friendly Smart App, you can monitor your cat's health and litter box status. It tracks your cat's weight and the litter box's operation. When you download the app, you will be able to monitor not only when you need to empty the waste drawer, but also get insights into your cat's bathroom behaviors. The app provides you with pertinent information that can help indicate if your cat is going to the bathroom more frequently.


Do you really want to keep scooping litter?

The PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box revolutionizes your pet care routine by streamlining the litter box management process. The days of scooping cat litter are over, granting you the liberty to step away while ensuring your cats have a clean litter box at their disposal. Say goodbye to indoor mess, dirty paws, and unpleasant odors. Though it may not be a million-dollar prize, it's indeed a game-changer!

Are automatic cat litter boxes worth it?

Automatic cat litter boxes are worth the investment. The benefits include no more scooping litter, better odor control, and reduced litter tracking throughout the rest of your house. 

How often should you completely change cat litter?

Without an automatic cat litter box, it's advisable to completely switch out your cat litter at least twice a month. The frequency might increase with multiple cats. With an automatic litter box, however, you'll need to replenish the litter less frequently - typically once a month or so.

How often do you empty a PAWBBY self cleaning cat litter box?

Typically you will empty your PAWBBY self cleaning cat litter box once every 7-10 days if you have one cat. If you have two cats, you may empty it every 3-5 days, and so on. You’ll be notified by both the PAWBBY self cleaning cat litter box control panel and the app when you need to empty the waste drawer.

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